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Luke Andary, Vancouver, 2019

INSTANT Readings
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Gifted psychic, TESTED & CERTIFIED with answers about love, career, money, health, and more. 


Specializing in relationships of all types including LGBTQ. Non-judgmental and caring psychic reader will get answers as to what your partner is thinking and doing and how to make things better in your relationship.

Luke is a naturally born second-generation psychic who has been sharing his gift to advise others for over 10 years. His skill has helped many through psychic fairs, online, and clients coming to him for guidance.

With continuous learning and active expansion of his knowledge, new services are practiced and perfected like Specialty Services and Lovers Reunite energy work



Luke helped me to figure out what my partner was thinking. He advised me on what to say and how to approach my situation. My partner and I are back together and more stable than ever!



I lost my job and basically felt hopeless. Luke's advice really helped steer me into the right direction. Now I have my dream job and it's all because of my readings with Luke.



I wish I had found Luke's website earlier. He used his gift to bring my broken relationship back to bliss with his Lovers Reunite Package. Worth every penny.

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