California White Sage (3 pack)

California White Sage (3 pack)


Help to clear negative energy and unwanted spirits

White sage has incredible chemical properties that are said to connect beyond the physical realm, reaching spirits and other metaphysical entities. By burning this sacred white sage, it is possible to remove unwanted negative energy and soothe your stress. It has been said that a smudge stick clearing can help with sleep, cognition, and energy levels, not to mention that it has a pleasant scent.


Empowering a specific object is possible as well, and with the right approach, one can cleanse an object of its negativity and re-wire that object's energetic field to be positive. White sage is both antibacterial and antimicrobial and may be purifying. The scent of burning white sage is insect-repelling and is also said to be spirit-repelling.


One smudge stick is expected to last 1-3 months depending on the frequency of use.