Diffuser Bracelet (Moonstone & Lava Stone)

Diffuser Bracelet (Moonstone & Lava Stone)


Moonstone helps to tap into masculine energy, allowing power and strength to flourish within your body, radiating outward for the world to see. This bracelet is best-suited for those seeking to bring out their inner masculinity. This can be useful in business, relationships, fatherhood, and many other areas requiring masculine qualities.

Classified as sacred and regal, moonstone is a stabilizing material to help with strength, confidence, and leadership. Others will notice your energy, even if it is subconscious. The respect and attention that others will give you while wearing this item are noticeable. Watch as others listen more intently, take your advice, and follow your leadership due to the properties of the stones around your wrist.

Jasper is a stone that is said to help you "show up" wherever you go. It is claimed that it helps to protect the wearer from negative energy and to inspire quick thinking, courage, and confidence.

Lava Stone has earthy energy, helping to ground its wearer and increase one's logic. Lava stone will help to guide you through challenging conversations, like negotiations or debates, in a way that alleviates tension and instills trust in yourself and others.

Main Color
Metal color