Geode 528

Geode 528


Luke collaborated with Archangel Chamuel to create this exciting, yet calming painting. While mixing the paint and completing the artwork, Luke surrounded himself and the canvas with speakers resonating at 528 hz frequency. When sound vibrates at 528 hz it is said to bring several benefits to our human souls.


The number 528 is known as the healing frequency. Specifically, the number 528 corresponds to healing of relationships. These relationships can be romantic, family, friends, pets, coworkers, and any other relationship!


Blessed Painting Effects:


The 528 hz frequency is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra and being in the presence of this frequency will help to open it up, clear it of debris, and further maintain its openness. The frequency of 528 hz has been known to help with healing the mind, body, and spirit both internally and externally. Having been exposed to the 528 hz vibrational frequency means this painting can help to heal the environment surrounding it as well.


When in the presence of this piece one may notice a sense of tranquility, serenity, and bliss. Mental clutter is likely to decrease when one is close to this unique artwork. Come close to this work of art and feel your body loosen up, rid itself of tension, and relax. Feel your heart slow down and welcome the feeling of quiet confidence.


528 hz has also been connected to helping with DNA repair and increased energy.


Solar Plexus Chakra


The Solar Plexus Chakra is known as ManiPura Chakra in Sanskrit, which tanslates directly as "city of jewels." Professional and personal success are proportional to the oppenness of this chakra. This painting resembles the appearance geodes, which have the ability to hold a charge and help with healing. The solar plexus chakra is an energy vortex associated with energy and charge.


The energy embedded into this painting is self-sustaining (will maintin its charge forever). No need to recharge it! Self respect, confidence, cheerfulness, and energetic boost are just a few of the expected attributes which this painting provides to anyone in its presence.


Great spots to display this painting:


  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Office


A great pairing with this piece is a Chakra Balance


Thickness: 1.5"


    All of Luke Andary's paintings are original pieces of art and no prints/copies are made. The artwork that Luke creates is directly channeled from higher entities who help to shape the finished art piece. Each piece of art contains at least 3 drops of blessed water (mixed with paint), and the piece is then blessed again upon completion.

    Effects of artwork, whether related to health, spirituality, emotional, and mental state are subject to personal interpretation.

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    Painting colour may differ from computer screen display. Each screen displays colour slightly differently, so be aware that the tones and accents in the painting may be different upon arrival.

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