Life Paths

Life Paths


Want to find love, or repair a romantic relationship more quickly by making better choices? This piece can be the difference maker. This piece can help accelerate your life in all areas. It can help with guiding you in your career, helping you rise to the top more quickly.


Each and every choice that we make in our lives determines our overall life path. With the bottom of the painting representing birth, and the top of the painting representing death on the timeline of this painting, we can see that there are several paths to take on our life journey.


Blessed Painting Effects


  • Higher awareness
  • Better life decisions to bring success
  • Better logical reasoning (for those who are emotionally driven)
  • More honest reflections/memories of the past


Archangel Michael blessed this painting and was present alongside Luke during his creative painting session. The blues in the painting, along the life path lines, serve as guidance and protection for you no matter which life path you choose to pursue. If you are in the vicinity of this piece, even once in a while, you will receive clear confidence with future decisions.


About the Art


Each large life path has width, and has frayed edges. When we choose a life path, there are still millions, billions of decisions that we make in these frayed areas of the path before coming to a major intersection. These major intersections that change our life path drastically can be a relationship opportunity, job opportunity, loss of a loved one, moving to a new home, and more. We have all experienced these major shifts in life, and the beauty of it is that there is plenty of pathway left!


The frayed edges of the pathways represent small decisions like what you eat for breakfast, which clothes you put on, and which route you decide to take while driving. They do not usually drastically change your life path, but they do guide you to a new intersection.


As you can see, choosing a different direction does not necessarily mean that you cannot access anything that was available in the future had you chosen the other option. There are so many paths that lead to different experiences, but then merge back together at another junction.


An example: In your 20's you decide to move to Paris, France. In your 30's you move to New York City and meet your soulmate.


Alternatively, if you do not move to Paris, but still move to New York City in your 30's, you will connect with a merging of two past life paths and you will still meet your same soulmate.


*The painting has been blessed by both Luke Andary and Archangel Michael*


Great spots to display this painting:


  • Office
  • Living Room
  • By the Front Door
  • Bedroom


A great pairing with this piece is a Chakra Balance


Thickness: 3/8"


    All of Luke Andary's paintings are original pieces of art and no prints/copies are made. The artwork that Luke creates is directly channeled from higher entities who help to shape the finished art piece. Each piece of art contains at least 3 drops of blessed water (mixed with paint), and the piece is then blessed again upon completion.

    Effects of artwork, whether related to health, spirituality, emotional, and mental state are subject to personal interpretation.

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