Love Rejuvenation Bracelet

Love Rejuvenation Bracelet


Relationship troubles? Can't find the right partner for yourself? Need to respark an existing connection?




Three of the most POWERFUL crystals have been combined into one bracelet to help you rejuvenate your love life and accomplish MANY more achievements such as self-love, negativity-protection, and stress-relief! Wearing this bracelet will make you feel like a whole new person, full of energy, confidence, and creativity.


Not only does this bracelet look beautiful, its top-graded crystals help to increase your energy, intuition, and creativity so you can focus on being your best self each and every day!


Crystal Properties:

Rose Quartz - Love - Nurture – Calm – Self-Worth & Self-Love

Crystal Quartz - Power - Increase Energy - Protects Against Negativity

Moonstone - Intuition - Creative Possibilities - Increases Patience - Release Unnecessary Stress - Helps the reproductive system and digestive system


Bracelet Materials:

Genuine Semi Precious Stones- Highest Quality
Strong Elastic Band .7mm
Sterling Silver Accents
Vermeil Accents

Handmade & Shipped with love from U.S.A.

Bead Size