Luke combines the calmness of deep, watery blues with high energy, vibrant oranges and reds, and leaves a splash of rich gold separated by a distinct black center.


Blessed Painting Effects:


This balance piece can be a critical reminder to calm down in heated moments, fire up the engines when times are too low energy, and find balance between the two for heightened awareness.


We have all been there. Whether it be frustration, anger, or jealousy, we find ourselves in situations where we are so heated we do not think clearly. The calming blues in this piece allow us to float effortlessly into a clear blue body of water, letting go of whatever it is that has us flustered.


Similarly, we sometimes find ourselves in a position of indifference, submissiveness, and acceptance. We can take a quick glance at the firey warm colours on the opposite end to find inspiration. These intense colours spark our inner soul-engines to rev on high gear, finding our motivation, opinion, voice, and purpose.


In this particular painting the colour black is a neutral, balancing colour which also represents boldness and strength. There is strength in balance. There is power in heightened awareness. There is boldness in self-control.


Blessed by Luke, with collaboration directly from Spirit. This piece does not only have symbolism through colour, it has blessings through 5 drops of Blessed Water and can resonate its balancing effects through your body as needed.


Great spots to display this painting:

  • Living Room
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • A place where you will see it frequently


A great pairing with this piece is an Aura Cleanse


Thickness: 1.5"


    All of Luke Andary's paintings are original pieces of art and no prints/copies are made. The artwork that Luke creates is directly channeled from higher entities who help to shape the finished art piece. Each piece of art contains at least 3 drops of blessed water (mixed with paint), and the piece is then blessed again upon completion.

    Effects of artwork, whether related to health, spirituality, emotional, and mental state are subject to personal interpretation.

    Painting size is in inches


    Painting colour may differ from computer screen display. Each screen displays colour slightly differently, so be aware that the tones and accents in the painting may be different upon arrival.

    Returns will be accepted within 5 days of arrival if painting arrives damaged and a full refund will be issued. If painting is in good condition, returns will be accepted within 3 days of arrival, and customer pays for return shipping. 


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