Swim Into the Light

Swim Into the Light


Blessed Art Effects:


This one of a kind power piece is the result of the collaboration between Psychic Luke and Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Chamuel, symbolizing a spectrum of benefits for the beholder of this painting. In the presence of this piece, one can feel empowered, confident, and motivated to make necessary changes which will shift them into the light. This piece may allow people in its presence to recognize opportunity and avoid pit-falls.


Luke's interpretation of this piece is as follows:


"There is an obvious split between light and darkness, with light being at the bottom. Contrary to popular belief, light is not always 'up', it is all around us if we know where to look. The red fish, seen in the painting's center, swimming from darkness into the light represents the holder of the painting swimming into the light on a daily basis. The top right 'entity' in the blackness is an appealing distraction, meant to provide false happiness. We can think of this being as temptation - procrastination, unnecessary material objects, unhealthy food, etc.


The scarlet fish is being followed by more of these entities, in the form of a fish, disguised as a friend. This entity (top left) is representative of toxic people in our lives who drag us into failure. Our driven red fish is determined to escape the shackles of darkness to live in the light, and by doing so, has made the difficult decision to leave toxic people behind.


Pure, silver beings in the white section of the painting welcome and protect the red fish, leaving space for the white light to surround it."


The colours in this painting were heavily influenced by the archangels and their contributions are listed below.


What did each Archangel contribute to this piece?


Michael - Archangel Michael is the captain of all archangels. He is a protector from both physical and spiritual harm, including demons (depicted by the entities in the black area). His blue identity is not visually present, but does represent itself in the form of our fish. Earth's oceans comprise 70% of its surface area, which is where the connection is made.


Chamuel - The pink ray of love is where Archangel Chamuel shines. Ask Chamuel to aid you with relationship and love success. Furthermore, he is ever-helpful in assisting you to obtain a job or get a promotion! Our fish is multiple shades of red, white, and pink, which means that its movement from darkness to light is motivated by romance and/or career goals.


Gabriel - A white ray of purity shines bright in this piece thanks to Archangel Gabriel. He is the one who brought discipline and order into this artwork. Gabriel is the provider of the white space and the motivation behind our fish seeking the light.


A good pairing with this piece is an Angel Session


Thickness: 1.5"


    All of Luke Andary's paintings are original pieces of art and no prints/copies are made. The artwork that Luke creates is directly channeled from higher entities who help to shape the finished art piece. Each piece of art contains at least 3 drops of blessed water (mixed with paint), and the piece is then blessed again upon completion.

    Effects of artwork, whether related to health, spirituality, emotional, and mental state are subject to personal interpretation.

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