Ultimate Money Maker

Ultimate Money Maker


Bronze. Silver. Gold. Three precious metals which represent success and wealth. In the presence of this piece you will feel richer. From what we know about the Law of Attraction, what you think, feel, and believe determine the reality you live in. You create your own future, and Luke has created a piece of art to help make your life more financially prosperous.


Blessed Painting Effects:


With this painting around you will wonder why you did not believe in your financial future earlier. It reassures you of your worth, both financially and as a human being. Blessed with all three metals within the vicinity, Luke has added their elemental frequencies to this stunning piece.


Starting in the bottom left and top left of this painting we see bronze. This is your starting point. At your current place in life you are in the bronze area. Nothing wrong with bronze, it is a semi-precious metal! However, others are in the silver and gold areas... how do you get there?


Financial abundance is a long road with twists, turns, unexpected highs and lows. As we travel from the left side of the painting to the right, we hit the silver section quickly, then spend a long time there. We begin to feel comfortable in the silver section, we even hit pockets of EXTRA silver (represented by the sparkling patches of silver glitter). But then, unexpectedly, we hit some bronze.


It feels disastrous when we go back to the bronze area. We want back into the silver area. Having done it before, we transition quickly back into silver, then bronze again, then silver. We have now made enough mistakes to learn what NOT to do. Now we are going for gold.


There is a little bit of black rippled through the end of the silver area because it takes a LOT of hard work to reach gold. But you deserve it. You are determined to get there. You do. YOU HIT GOLD. Bonus - there is even a whole pile of sparkling gold glitter representing abundance beyond your imagination.


With this piece of art you will be more confident in reaching your financial goals. As a blessed piece of artwork it will share its energy with you every time you are near it. Want to start getting ahead today? Get this piece and hang it somewhere that you frequently pass by.


A great pairing with this piece is a Chakra Balance


Thickness: 3/8"



    All of Luke Andary's paintings are original pieces of art and no prints/copies are made. The artwork that Luke creates is directly channeled from higher entities who help to shape the finished art piece. Each piece of art contains at least 3 drops of blessed water (mixed with paint), and the piece is then blessed again upon completion.

    Effects of artwork, whether related to health, spirituality, emotional, and mental state are subject to personal interpretation.

    Painting size is in inches


    Painting colour may differ from computer screen display. Each screen displays colour slightly differently, so be aware that the tones and accents in the painting may be different upon arrival.

    Returns will be accepted within 5 days of arrival if painting arrives damaged and a full refund will be issued. If painting is in good condition, returns will be accepted within 3 days of arrival, and customer pays for return shipping. 


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    Paintings are usually shipped within 5 business days of purchase date

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