Energy at a distance.

Everything is energetically interconnected, allowing energy to be transferrable over any distance. Help with healing, love connections, chakra balancing, and more have been shown to be effective through many centuries and are becoming more recognized by scientists through the study of quantum physics.


Angels help us along our life journey. They guide us when we are lost, provide strength when we are weak, and protect us when we are vulnerable. We all have our own personal angels.

In an angel session I call upon my angels, yours, and any others to come together. We discuss any issues and how to solve them. My angels provide advice and wisdom to other angels who will then pass on these insights to the person they watch over.

All angels involved will be more present and will be fulfilling their new tasks for 4-7 days depending on how long they feel is necessary. It usually takes around 24 hours after the session is completed for the angels work to become noticeable. This time can vary depending on the person, situation, and work done.